2010 Im August war das Sommerfest

1983 Kommt unsere zweite LPA dream within a dream“ auf den Markt

1978 Unsere erste LP „Nature’s Cleare Well“ wird veröfffentlicht



WE had spent our summer in playing games, and now it was the fall of the year 1879. My father had his store well stocked, and we were getting along splendidly. It was about the latter part of September, and the days were nice and cool — just the time to play hard and not feel too warm.
A little boy named Waniyetula, or Winter, and I were playing between my father’s store, and the agency. He was a distant cousin of mine, but we always called each other ‚brother.‘ The agency was perhaps a quarter of a mile from our tipi.
Suddenly we observed a great many people gathered around one of the agency buildings, and our curiosity was at once aroused. I said, ‚Let us go over and see what they are looking at.‘ So we ran as fast as we could. Reaching the building, we looked in through one of the windows and saw that the room was filled with people. Among them were several white men and we noticed one white woman.
When they saw us peeping in at the window, they motioned for us to come inside. But we hesitated. Then they held out some sticks of candy. At this, we ran away some little distance, where we stopped to talk over this strange proceeding. We wondered whether we had better go back again to see what the white people really wanted. They had offered us candy — and that was a big temptation. So we went back and peeped in at the window again. This time the interpreter came to the door and coaxed us inside. He was a half-breed named Charles Tackett. We called him Ikuhansuka, or Long Chin. We came inside very slowly, a step at a time, all the time wondering what it meant.